Khitish Mohanty talk about shoulder dislocation

Shoulder dislocation is a very common injury. Gleno-humeral joint is the most common joint that suffers acute dislocation [1, 2]. It is well known that an incongruent shoulder should be promptly reduced, and usually the reduction manoeuvre is performed in emergency room with appropriate analgesia and sedation. Multiple techniques of reduction exist, and modified Stimson and modified Hippocrates manoeuvres are commonly performed and deemed to be safe [3, 4] Khitish Mohanty. This can be performed with the use of sedation or with a local anaesthesic intra-articular injection [5]. However, when associated with the fracture of proximal humerus, there is a clinical dilemma if reduction under sedation is a safe option, Khitish Mohanty.

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